• Client

    Ritter Sport
  • Role

    Design, Production, Logistics and Install
  • Location

    European Airports


Working with Ritter Sport to provide full design concept, build, logistics and delivery of a number of innovative World of Chocolate activations across European airports.



We came up with a colourful concept in line with Ritter Sport’s company ethos of being ambitious, innovative and sustainable. Consumers were given the ability to engage with the brand by scanning QR codes taking them to dedicated microsites to learn more about Ritter Sport, the company and its products. By interacting with a touchless vending machine (controlled by each customer’s own mobile phone), consumers would then receive a free chocolate sample. An infotainment tower and tree were placed in the centre of the activation to beautifully highlight the brand’s carbon-neutral certification journey.



The engagement with the interactive vending machine has far surpassed the targets we set ahead of the activation going live. Launched first at Zürich Airport, followed by Frankfurt Airport, this was one of the most innovative and impressive activations Zürich airport has ever seen. The European tour continues in 2023 with other destinations due to receive the colourful campaign…