• Client

    Rémy Cointreau
  • Role

    Production, Logistics and Install
  • Location

    Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport



Support Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail extending its permanent Cognac collection with the travel retail-exclusive Rémy Martin CLUB Exception – an extraordinary and rare cognac – at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.



Rémy Cointreau aspires to create exceptional journeys for every travelling client, this is why we built a high-profile and eye-catching activation that supported the unveiling of Rémy Martin CLUB Exception perfectly and invited travellers to discover the new Cognac in a multi-sensorial way.



Travellers were invited to indulge in interactive tasting experiences with crafted pairings which highlighted the Cognac Fine Champagne’s distinctive notes. The kaleidoscopic podium was designed with multi-dimensional shelving, grabbing the attention of travellers. We also used dichroic film together with transparent polycarbonate and brushed metallic surfaces, which turned out very nicely. The activation was rolled out in Hong Kong as well around the same time.