• Client

  • Role

    Design, Production, Logistics and Install
  • Location

    Frankfurt Airport



Challenged by Wella to help them re-enter travel retail with a permanent bespoke installation at Frankfurt airport.



Since sharing the brief with us, Wella trusted our opinions and judgement throughout the design process and through the production and installation of the beautiful bespoke unit. As leaders within travel retail, Wella relied on our insight, guidance and support to help achieve their goals of better brand visibility. The main shop area had just been refitted, and turned into a premium environment, which we capitalised on to make Wella’s fabulous assortment shine.



Providing full design, production and installation, we delivered a stunning gondola that attract a lot of admiration from the travel retail community. Wella’sTrade Marketing Manager sent us this: “Thank you to everyone at Team Kounter … just fantastic work!!”. This was only the beginning of our collaboration, we look forward to supporting Wella as they continue to expand their presence within travel retail and increase their brand visibility, client base, and sales.