• Client

    Paco Rabanne
  • Role

    Design, Production, Install
  • Location

    Selfridges, London


Working with Selfridges to increase the visibility of the first NFT project in window 20 and a takeover of the second floor, by finding a suitable way to showcase ‘The 12 Unwearables’ collection, 12 archived dresses dating back decades.



We transformed the second floor of Selfridges through the use of metal scaffolding frameworks, silver drapes, lighting and raised plinths. The window was filled with ‘The 12 Unwearables’ collection, placing them on scaffolding structures, whilst encouraging consumers to experience the collection in the metaverse too.



Thanks to our skilled metal working team, we were able to deliver despite having to meet a very tight deadline.

Consumers were able to view ‘The 12 Unwearables’ in physical form at the Cornershop as part of Selfridges’ art exhibition Universe. The dresses have been redeveloped virtually, with Paco Rabanne’s founder’s vision returning with new radicality in the metaverse where fashion can transcend what we wear in reality. The activation remained in-store for 2 months and was heralded by many peers as a ground-breaking concept.