• Client

    John Dewars
  • Role

    Design, Interactive Solutions, Production and Install
  • Location

    Frankfurt Airport Concourse



To bring John Dewars to life for passengers at Frankfurt airport. With the requirement for there to be a multi-sensory experience in addition to passenger tasting.



Using electro-magnets we were able to create a first for the travel retail industry. Submerging the magnets in water, scented with various John Dewars ingredients the magnets then vibrated turning the water into scented vapour, allowing passengers to remove a bung from the cloche and smell the ingredients. Furthermore, we build the entire structure and flooring from metal, making the entire delivery of the project extremely sustainable.



With a very short window of time to install the structure we threw everything we had at this project to deliver a stunning outcome. As proof of the success of this campaign and the creative solutions we implemented, Bacardi are still using our water vapour solution 5 years on.