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    Project Management, Production, AV and Installation
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To work with Balmain’s design agency to create a visually stunning and engaging Corner Shop takeover. Full project management, production, AV and installation.



With the need for extraction and filtering, the most complicated element was creating a 6-metre-high mirrored spray booth in the centre of the space. Using custom metal work and 2 way mirrors, we were able to build the incredible structure whilst hiding all the ‘ugly’ bits to run the fully functional paint booth. For an extra pop, the floor was created from a full size LED screen which played out brand content when the booth was in use.



The space drove excellent brand awareness and saw sales of Balmain footwear in particular sore. The space was also nominated for several retail awards and has been heralded by Selfridges as an example of how to deliver an activation in the corner shop space.